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Tip Art Markers 60 Colours With Carrying Case For Painting Sketching Calligraphy Drawing

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Ink Colour : Multicolor
Number Of Items : 60
Point Type : Chisel,wide,broad,fine
Recommended Uses For Product : Painting,calligraphy,writing,sketching,drawing
Closure : ‎pull Cap
Material : ‎plastic
Ink Colour : ‎multicolor
Country Of Origin : India


Tip Art Markers set is a comprehensive collection designed for artists, sketchers, calligraphers, and drawing enthusiasts. This set features 60 vibrant colors, providing a diverse range to unleash your creativity across various artistic projects. The inclusion of a convenient carrying case enhances the practicality and portability of this gift.

Each marker is equipped with a fine tip, making it ideal for detailed work, precision sketching, calligraphy, and intricate drawing. The fine tips allow artists to control the thickness of their lines, enabling a wide range of artistic expression. The quick-drying, high-quality ink ensures that your artwork remains vivid and free from smudges.

The color spectrum in this set is carefully selected, offering a rich and varied palette to bring your artistic visions to life. Whether you are a professional artist or an aspiring hobbyist, the Tip Art Markers provide versatility and quality for different applications.

The carrying case included in the set adds a practical element, making it easy to organize and transport your markers. This is particularly beneficial for artists on the go, students, or anyone who enjoys taking their creativity outside the studio.

Whether you’re into painting, sketching, calligraphy, or general drawing, this Tip Art Markers set is a thoughtful and versatile gift. It’s suitable for artists of all levels and provides the tools needed to explore and express your artistic talents across a wide range of projects.

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